Could you give a temporary foster home to a dog or cat?

Have you thought about getting a companion pet but feel your present lifestyle just doesn’t suit a long term commitment? Or maybe you’re not sure how you and a new pet would get on? Or do you already have a pet in your home but feel that one more in your home on a temporary basis would not be a problem? Then perhaps you would think of becoming a H.A.R.T Fosterer… What does this entail? 

HART does not have a shelter or sanctuary, so the animals we rescue are taken into the homes of our foster volunteers until a permanent home can be found. We are very desperate for more foster homes because the more places we have available, the more animals we can take in and help. Because of the shortage of foster homes we often have to resort to boarding some rescued animals in kennels in vets’ surgeries, the cost of which really adds up and is causing us a lot of concern. – A loving foster home works wonders for animals who have experienced abandonment and hard times and it prepares them for their new home. Advice and backup is always on hand.

Covid-19 Fostering Guidelines

For more information on fostering and Covid-19, you can check out our newly issued guidelines for fostering dogs here.