About Us

H.A.R.T (Homeless Animal Rescue Team) is a voluntary non profit making dog and cat rescue founded in North Cork in 2012 and currently run by 3 people.

Due to the increasing problem of animals being dumped and abandoned in Ireland, we decided to form H.A.R.T in November 2012 with the intention of helping these homeless animals & to also relieve the pressure on other Cork Rescues.

All animals that come into H.A.R.T are placed in foster homes as we do not have a shelter or kennels and can only help if we have a suitable foster home free.
If you find an animal please keep the animal safe and give us a couple of days so that we find a space for it.

All adult animals are vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered prioto adoption. If adopting a puppy or kitten the new owners have to agree to neuter them when they come of age approx 7 months old.  Pups are fully vaccinated and micro-chipped.

We do not receive funding and therefore relsolely on fundraising and the generosity of thgeneral public.


“Saving the life of one animal may not change the world, but the world will surely change for that one animal”


We can be contacted by phone, email hartnorthcork@yahoo.com or our Facebook page. We do have lives, jobs and families of our own so please be patient with us, we will get back to everyone as soon as we can.


DONATIONS can be made either through Paypal on our donation page
Or use our Paypal email directly from your Paypal account: hartnorthcork@gmail.com


Please contact us for our bank details if you wish to do a bank transfer.
Thank you for helping us.