The dogs & cats in our care are with us because they have been found abandoned/dumped on the streets or in remote areas.  We try to locate the owners by informing the relevant authorities and posting on our Facebook page.  Most of the dogs are well balanced, well adjusted dogs that are with us through no fault of their own and will make excellent pets once matched with the right families. A small number of dogs have issues, which with training and patience can be completely cured or managed by owners who have previous experience with dogs.

As we do not have a shelter the dogs are in foster homes mainly but we do have to use paid kennels if we can not find a foster home.  Home Visits are carried out before any dog is adopted.

We make every effort to ensure that all our dogs go to caring homes that are suited to their individual needs and temperaments. We home dogs as family pets and never home dogs to guard premises or for breeding.

We get many calls from people who like the idea of giving a home to a rescue dog but may not have given much thought about the practicalities of keeping a dog. Below is a checklist of some of the things that we are looking for when we rehome a dog. Please make sure you fulfill the following requirements before you contact us.

  • The dog will be allowed in the house and be part of the family. We do NOT re-home dogs that will be kept outside all the time, our dogs are to be house pets no matter what size they are. We prefer the dog to sleep in the house at night.
  • You have a secure fenced or walled garden so the dog cannot get out onto the road.  Our dogs are not allowed to be let roam, we will refuse a home offer if we believe the dog will be able to roam.
  • You have permission from your landlord if you live in rented accommodation and we will require a contact number to confirm with the landlord.
  • You have sufficient time to give the dog a daily walk.
  • If you already have pets they must be up to date with vaccinations & spayed/neutered as part of the adoption agreement is adopted animals must be vaccinated yearly and pups be spayed/neutered, if current pet is not vaccinated, spayed/neutered it can be interpreted by us that an adopted dog will not be vaccinated, neutered/spayed when due.
  • We do not adopt puppies to families that are away from the home for more than 4-5 hours a day. Puppies need owners with time to play with them and train them in order to grow into well socialized obedient dogs. Children must be over 6 years of age for a family to adopt a dog unless they already have/had a family dog or have experience of dogs at other family members homes, pups nip, bite, scratch and young children do not understand how to handle an adult dog/ puppy correctly as they are just too young to comprehend puppy’s and their traits or warning signs from adult dogs.  The dogs are our priority getting them the right home and so is the safety of children, dogs are animals at the end of the day.
  • Pups must be spayed/neutered by new owner at 6 months (date will be on adoption form) and we require your vets to email confirmation, if not adhered to we will take the dog back.  BREEDING from our pups is not an option and we are very strict on the neuter/spay of the pups.
  • Dogs/Puppies are not adopted out as presents or surprises for children or family members and the entire family must be in agreement to adoption and all family members including pets at the home visit.
  • We will not adopt an animal to anyone under 21 years of age.

If you fulfill the above requirements and wish to proceed please complete this application form application-form also have a look on our Facebook Page or Pet Adoption Website  at the dogs and puppies needing homes. Viewing the dogs at our foster homes is by appointment. An appointment can be made either by phone 089-4341024 or email  If you email, please give some information in relation to how you satisfy the above requirements, also state a day and preferred time you would like to visit.

If you already have a dog we suggest that you bring your dog when you visit to give you the opportunity to walk your dog with any new dog you may choose and see how they get on together.

If you are going on holiday or moving home in the near future please contact us after the event not before as we are unable to reserve a dog for more than a few days.

If you decide to take one of our rescue dogs we will do a home visit to ensure your home is suitable for the dog you have chosen.

Before you take a dog home you will be required to read our terms and conditions of adopting a dog and sign a contract agreeing to them. A copy of the contract will be given to you.  We will also require a dog licence number if after the trial period the dog is staying, as under the control of dogs act 1986 section 2 – 1 (c) It shall be unlawful for any person to transfer possession of a dog pursuant to a change of ownership to any other person unless the other person is a holder of a dog licence for that dog or hold a general licence.

All our adult dogs are wormed, vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered/spayed before leaving the rescue and puppies are wormed, micro-chipped and vaccinated. If you take a puppy, the contract you sign states that you agree to have the puppy neutered when he/she is 6 months old.

We ask for a minimum adoption donation of €180 for a neutered/spayed adult dog and €100 for a puppy. The donation goes towards the cost of vaccinating, micro chipping and neutering a dog over 6 months and a puppy will be fully vaccinated including kennel cough by our vets and micro-chipped. The cost of neutering a female dog can range from €120 to €200 and a male dog ranges from €100 to €160. Vaccinating costs are €35 per vaccine. Re-homing donations are very important for us to be able to prepare dogs to be homed.

By law once you have a dog it is required to be licensed. The license can be obtained for €20.00 from any post office.  Since 31st March 2016 it is a legal requirement for all dogs over 3 months to be micro-chipped and owner to have a valid certificate for the dog.

We offer a 2 week trial which gives time for everyone to settle and get used to each other, we do sign the adoption forms and collect the adoption fee but the fee is refundable if within the 2 weeks the dog has to come back.  Please remember dogs can take a little while to settle into their new surroundings, some will settle in within a couple of days, others may take a few weeks to adjust.  Our adoptees must also come back to us if for any reason in months/years to come the animal can not be kept by the family, our animals must not be given away or sold.   We are always available by phone or email for any help or advice you may need.