Success Stories


Scrappy and Scooby were found by a motorist who had a puncture late one Saturday night in February 2014.  It was on a quiet back road of North Cork and lucky for them this man had a puncture.  As he changed his tyre he heard a noise but could not make it out as it […]


Alex strayed into a property in North Cork in early October 2013.  He was a nervous wreck and just would not come to anyone. Alex did have a companion who sadly got killed on the road before we ever got to them.  When finally caught Alex had very sore eyes and mange which we got […]


In September 2013 a lady out walking in a remote area of bottle hill with no houses near by came across 6 puppies, There was a dustbin near by with a golden pages along side it and we believed that the puppies were dumped inside the dustbin with the yellow pages put on top the […]


In September 2013 two dogs were found in a remote area of North Cork which is a notorious dumping ground for animals,one of the dogs was fine but the other dog Barney couldn’t open his eyes. He was taken straight to the vets to see what was wrong with him and it was found that he […]


In June 2013 on one very hot day we received a call about an animal tied to a fence in a housing estate, The reason we say animal is to be honest it was very hard to tell at 1st glance if we were dealing with a dog. On closer inspection it came to light the […]